Dream Recipe Contest!!!

Today I woke up from my dream with a phrase repeating in my head. The phrase was “Cromato with Monkey Bacon”. I don’t remember what “Cromato with Monkey Bacon” was, but it I do remember clearly that it was a food that I was greatly looking forward to.  Submit a recipe for “Cromato with Monkey Bacon” for a chance to win… something. Something awesome! I promise!!!

Ummm, what could I give you… How about… a free prototype pendant and an awesome special code for $7 off your next order of $19 or more?  And for 2nd place…?  a special code for $6 off your next order of $19 or more. And Third place?  Um… I don’t think three people are even going to enter this thing.

Oh, you probably want to know contest rules or something (all one of you).

Um… I will ship first prize to U.S. and Canada only; International customers will get only the discount code (unless they want to pay shipping). The codes will be sent via email.

Make up an original recipe for “Cromato with Monkey Bacon” and email it to luckandlusterhillary@gmail.com with “monkey bacon” in the subject line.  Um… All entries must be received by Midnight CST on Wednesday, Oct 19th.

Oh… you might want to know how “1st” and “2nd” will be chosen.  The entries will be run by a panel of expert… oh who am I kidding, it’s going to be me and my dog.  We will pick the one we like the best and the one we like second best.  Yep. That’s all.


About luckandluster

I create beautiful dice and gaming related jewelry.
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