What I’m into this week – Harnessing current and light… softly

In an effort to bring you more regular and more varied content, I am going to start a weekly segment called “What I’m into this week” where I talk about whatever hobby, idea or research I’m into this week.
This may seem contrived and fabricated unless you know me well enough to know that I have an obsession about every week or two… sometimes multiples at the same time.  Seriously, if I’m not making jewelry, I’m looking at camcorder reviews online and when I decide that those are too expensive I’ll research brain chemistry, then art supplies then child development then board games then… the list could go on forever but that would be futile and boring. 
So, without further ado, here is today’s (and the first ever) “What I’m into this week”.

What I’m into this week is soft circuitry. 
Ever since my rousing success cosplaying as Susan Sto Helit at Play on con, I have been itching to figure out another costume that suits me as well as that one did.  I found a character (but I’m not revealing who… you’ll have to come to POC to find out) and immediately started getting ideas for how to replicate her clothes, her shoes, etc.
We get to a tricky part when we get to the hair because it glows.
I researched many different options for how to make this work, and I actually haven’t narrowed down how I’m going to do it for sure, but in that research I discovered soft circuitry.  Soft circuitry is the art of using things like conductive thread, conductive fabric and conductive paint to create circuits primarily on clothing and accessories.  People make all kinds of amazing things that light up, make noise, sense pressure and a whole host of other things with a few special conductive materials, some more common craft items, and there is often no soldering or complicated electronic mumbo jumbo involved.  Circuits even I could make that make things shiner and more distracting?!?!? OMG!

Now, Every time my hands get near a computer, somehow I end up looking at soft circuitry tutorials and instructables…  There are so many amazing projects out there… bracelets, hoodies with turn signals, hats that sing when you touch them… it’s mind blowing.  I am so totally obsessed now, that I even asked santa for a book on soft circuitry and a kit that gives you some basic components and instructions on how to make a soft circuit necklace.  I know “curiosity killed the cat” and I know that there are reasons people like me should not get their hands on things that burn, zap or fall on you, BUT omg I found a way I can make extra shiny bracelets and t-shirts and tights and shoe clips and hair clips and OMG that would be so cool.  So I totally have to try this now… at least until next week 😉

Thanks for reading about this weeks obsession.  If you want to learn more, here are some links to some awesome sites with soft circuitry info and supplies:

Sternlab, a site with hundreds and hundreds of wearable and soft circuit electronics projects.

Make Magazine soft circuits archive, including several projects and links to a book and supplies.

Instructables soft circuit page with hundreds of awesome projects.


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