What I’m into this week – Being God for the 5th time

As bad as I am at creating a grand design, I love opportunities to do so.  My first encounter with this outside of real life was Alpha Centauri, a civ style video game from several years ago with a specifically futuristic bent.  It was then that I became familiar with the concept of being sleep deprived, starving and lonely because I convinced myself that I would play “just one more turn”.

None of the other Civilization games really piqued my interested until Civ 4 came out, and  I found myself awake at 3 am by myself still hungry for dinner because   I just wanted to make sure my civ built that “one more project”or won that “one more battle”.  Wehn I finally had shaken that demon and gotten myself back to sleeping and eating with some regularity, Civ 5 came out.

In Civ 5, they added city states who can ally with you or against you depending on your actions, and streamlined some of the more complex parts of Civ4.  The ideas behind this civ, make it the best civ yet.  So even though, the technical end of the game sometimes leaves a little bit to be desired (there are some AI quirks and some definitely annoying bugs), the new stuff they added and the old, clunky stuff they took away constantly leave me saying “just one more turn…” My love for and addiction to this one is great enough that it might even last more than a week… assuming that’s possible.
Tune in next week to see what the new obsession is.


About luckandluster

I create beautiful dice and gaming related jewelry.
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