What I’m Into this week – Defending Dungeons in a mini Skirt

This week’s obsession is an awesome hybrid tower defense game on Steam called Dungeon Defenders.  I saw my husband playing something cool looking where he was building spike barricades and towers that shoot lightning and then unleashing a spray of projectiles on unsuspecting enemies who were trying to attack the core of his base.  So, I said, “hey what’s that?  It looks fun.”  He said, “It is. And I have a 4 pack.  I’ll send you a copy.”

Unfortunately, after he sent me the code, I discovered that I would have to boot camp into Windows to be able to play.  However, I have a huntress who can explode enemies, set them on fire, put a spike through their head, and shoot an awesome laser all while wearing a mini skirt, which somehow seems to make the nuisance of loading in to windows worth it.  This game is tons of fun and, overall, the developers really seemed to think about how every little thing should work in depth.  The game does have it’s fair share of bugs, but the team who developed it is constantly releasing patches and new content.  The game is a fun, unique take on tower defense and I am so totally into it that I will never play anything else! (until next week… see you then)


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I create beautiful dice and gaming related jewelry.
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