What I’m Into This Week – Searching for the perfect Case for My birthday Present.

For several months, I have been saying “someone should make a really small E-reader; preferably, slightly larger than the size of my phone…” because I am a nanny and having an e-reader with E-ink that I can throw in my purse has a huge advantage over a larger E-reader (which I would inevitably lose because I would leave it somewhere in transport) or a book (“Mommy, why does Miss Hillary Read Books with half naked Dragon Ladies on them?” is not a question I ever want to have to address).  I even researched Ereaders at the time so I could ask Santa for one and couldn’t quite come up with what I wanted.  Other obsessions came and went and I forgot about this for several weeks.

Then, yesterday I said “Oh wow, this is the smallest Kindle I have ever seen.  Best birthday present ever. Thank you Hubby!” Followed shortly by “Oh Wow, picking a case is going to prove to be very difficult”  I have to have a case because I am clumsy and because the kindle will be thrown in my purse which has keys and everything else in it, but this has proven to be more difficult than I am used to. The problem in searching is that every case description is different in the terminology they use “new kindle” can mean gen 4, fire, dx, touch or gen 3 if the vendor really isn’t paying attention and “kindle” can mean any standard kindle from now til the beginning of time.  Another problem with searching is that vendors say “well the kindle 3 was bigger than the kindle 4, therefore we can say it fits the kindle 3, the touch, the fire AND the kindle 4” when in fact, it only “fits” if you consider wearing clothes that are 3 sizes too big to “fit.”  I don’t need an extra 2-3 inches of case taking up space, creating extra weight and generally getting in my way.

Also, I apparently have a very specific set of criteria for my case that most people don’t.  I want a very durable case that fully covers up all the sides of the tablet, has secure closures and is very light.  It would also be nice if I could read while the kindle was still in the case but that’s not necessarily a deal breaker.  I have been searching for two days on every possible site and search engine, looking up dimensions of different systems, weighing all options, getting annoyed that nothing seems quite right, weighing the options again, cursing amazon vendors who don’t put complete information in, re-performing searches over and over, and even literally weighing books to figure out what the exact right case will be.  I think I may have found something that will work, but I don’t want to speak too soon.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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