What I’m into this week – Fixing pre-marital spats with rhinestones

Every week it happens–I am going along minding my business, with no obsession, no new things I have to do or know about and I think “I don’t know what I could possibly write about this week… I may have to pull out a ‘retro obsession’ and take pictures of my miniatures from a few years ago.”  And then it hits me like a big old bolt of electricity.

This week’s jolt came in the form of a tweet from one of my favorite artists to follow, Beth Hommel.  She said “Kayla & I are having our second wedding fight! I love brooch bouquets, she thinks they’re gaudy.”  And I thought “what is a brooch bouquet?  I must find out and decide who is right!” For those of you who are unfamiliar (as I was), a brooch bouquet is a bridal bouquet made with brooches.  Some are exclusively brooches, some feature brooches heavily and some are really just silk flower bouquets with a rhinestone or two thrown in and the name “brooch bouquet” slapped on it because it’s the “in” thing right now.

After looking at several images, my initial reaction to the question “Are these awesome or gaudy?” was “Definitely, yes.”  On the one hand, a brooch bouquet has a certain vintage charm and it can be made into a very personal thing if you use family heirlooms or pick out the brooches  yourself and on the other hand, it’s made up of dozens of vintage brooches, which are notoriously costume-y and often very gaudy.

So then I thought, “I bet a million ducats that there are some more refined designs of brooch bouquets that would be a good compromise between kitschy and classy.”  So then I searched etsy for hours…. because I do that sometimes.  So today, I am going to share some of my results with you.

First, we have a silk flower bouquet from Vandiva Bridal that manages to be very unique and have a very vintage feel because of the use of bright blue flowers and several authentic vintage brooches.

Another great entry to the “vintage and classy” category is this lovely white Fire and Ice Bouquet from Laura Lee Jewels.

Now on to some examples with that incorporate some or all new “brooches” as opposed to just straight up vintage:

This “bridesmaid bouquet” from Hairbows Wonderworld is a great example of what you can get by mixing vintage and new elements:  It’s more traditional but unique and retro at the same time.

This Sunrise Jeweled bouquet from Noaki is a another beautiful example as well.  The light orange faceted jewels really set off the soft white flowers.

I wasn’t going to include this one because I thought I already had enough links for the article, but this pink and white bouquet by Floral Couture adorned with silk, ribbons and vintage brooches just jumped out at me and said “I am your favorite even though I am big and frilly and bold” and,  you know, I think it might be right.

Last but not least, we have this simply gorgeous Bridal Cotton “Toss” Bouquet by SolBijou.  This last bouquet isn’t a brooch bouquet at all but the retro styling, carefully handmade nature and pearl adornments definitely give it the soul of a brooch bouquet.

Which brings me to my next point, you don’t have to use a brooch bouquet to incorporate that feeling into your wedding.  In my travels upon the web, I also found a few more interesting possibilities to incorporating something vintage and kitschy with that great “brooch bouquet” feel without it being quite the same BIG BOLD STATEMENT.

You could decorate with these lovely Vintage Brooch Votives by Something Beachy

Or this fantastic Jeweled frame in Shades of Blue by prairie flower vintage

Or this beautiful Unity Candle Set by Step Step I Do

One final possibility is that you could create your own bouquet and decorations to suit your exact tastes.  Soles has 150+ fabric flower patterns to help you get started!

I don’t have a fabric flower pattern… I have never made fabric flowers. I should fix this! But, why would I do that? I don’t have a use for, nor do I sell anything with fabric flowers… but… hmm… do I have any more crystal dice?  Uh oh, I have a feeling that a future “what I’m into this week” is going to be about making dice bouquets for no good reason other than I needed to know if I could do it.  Oh my.


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