What I’m into this week – running in Korea

This week’s obsession comes in the form of a Korean “variety” show. The closest thing we have in the states would be a reality game show. Except in Korea, these shows generally have a regular paid cast. So, rather than it being a bunch of people tearing at each other’s throats for a chance at a million dollars or to be the next baker’s apprentice or whatever, they are screwing around doing silly stunts and ridiculous games to entertain. They get paid the same if they win or lose. Because it’s not a reality contest, entertainment is the King, which means a lot of awesome things. For example, if the cast plays around for 30 minutes singing and dancing or picking on each other and it’s entertaining, they’ll leave that in the show and find something else to edit, even if it is one of the games. Another great example of why this is awesome is that they allow rampant cheating, which also always ends up being more interesting than if everyone was forced to abide by the rules.
I’m trying really hard top explain why this is the most awesome, most addictive TV I have ever watched and I’m failing miserably. Just trust me. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DCnh94jU2q6I&v=Cnh94jU2q6I&gl=USC heck it out.


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