Interview with Stevie of Elstwhen

Today I bring you a truly amazing interview from a talented artist and sculptor.  Little did I know when I asked him for the interview that, not only is he an amazing artist, he is a brilliant mind, a consummate geek and he used to create models and props for movies, TV and commercials.  This is one of the most pleasantly surprising interviews I’ve done and I know everyone out there will love it.  I also would like to publicly apologize to Stevie for taking so long to post the interview and thank him for his patience and gentle reminders.

It looks like you work with several different mediums, how did you land on those and does Artwork by Elstwhenyour “primary” medium/artform change from time to time?

It changes all the time I have all ways made things, carved things and played with mixing & melting things. I would get in trouble as a child by carving all the bars of soap in the house, mixing what I called “concoctions” out of household supplies, and playing with my Dad`s tools after school.

In the mid 1990`s I put some focus to all that creative energy, and started working at Dreamsite Productions doing some animated commercials. It was sets n props as well as character design and sculpting. Every day was different, one day I would be making resin castings and model making, the next I would be sculpting clay. After my first three commercials I knew that I would be doing this kind of thing for the rest of my life.

The combining of different materials and finding new applications with which to use them is fascinating. Having knowledge of so many materials and substrates, has allowed me to create superior product and the freedom to make whatever I like, with minimal limitations.

From there I worked for several studios and gained the experience to become a professional production artist. I went on to work at Wonderworks
on the film, Deep Impact (1998) making the “Atlantis” & “Messiah” Space Shuttles, then moved to Portland, OR. to work for Will Vinton Studios, were I made in Props and Sets for animated commercialsand 2 seasons of Character Fabrication for Gary & Mike (TV Series 2001)

During this time I fell in love with Oregon, and decided to stay here after the studio was sold.

After making puppets for Cirque du Soleil, & Disney Parks Worldwide, as well as animated puppets for Commercials, at some smaller studios, I decided to make my own art, and to change it often.

I noticed that you have many many items with kracken and tentacles on them. What drew you to making this form?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to capture and study a real baby Kraken? This is as close as I could get.

I love Octopus & Mythology, and Pirates! I have always loved glass, how it catches and bends light, that it is a solid and a liquid, it melts, and it is ever recyclable. Octopus and glass have allot in common, from light bending abilities to solid liquid forms and beautiful fluidity.

I love every aspect of Making the Krakens, from the hunt for excellent glassware to the sculpting & painting to the photography & graphic design. Every day is different,

What is your favorite thing you have ever made and why?

It is either the last project I did or the one I am currently working on. Always.
Currently it is my Kraken Flasks. & Glamorpuss Night Light Kit. The Obsidianus Kraken is the most awesome night light I have made to date, It actually casts a color changing aurora like light show.…
Even though every thing I make goes some where else, I put a bit of myself into it. Pictures of some favorites are on my face book page.

What would you say to new artists who are trying to “make it”?

If you make art for a living, make time, to make your “own” art, not that which sells or pays the bills but art just for yourself, & Take Pictures!

As a production artist, much of the concepts and design work was done before I see the project, and was all ways subject to change at any time. (all tough the deadlines stayed the same)
It is all so probable that the thing you are working on will be either blown up or destroyed, or simply put into crate and sent to location. If I was lucky I would have a chance to snap a few photos before my work was gone.

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever learned?

That fiberglass resin will BURN UNDERWATER! I have never seen anything like it, and it is as pretty as is it disturbing.

Do you have any geeky tendencies or hobbies? If so, what are they?

If I don’t sound like a geek already,… interests are, geology, history, marine science and film. I like to bake and watch geeky science and nature shows.

Is there anything else you’d like our awesome readers to know?

Yes,.. There is recent evidence that Krakens were once not just myth and legend, but REAL!
fossils remains of an ichthyosaur, a giant school bus-sized predators which used to roam ancient oceans, shows evidence of a gruesome death at the hands of a cephalopod-like sea monster resembling the mythological kraken.

You can read the Kraken Lore by Elstwhen at

And, finally, where can we find you and your art?

My on line shoppes are
You can find some portfolio photos and pre views of new Krakens and other Elstwhen creations, here at my Face Book page

Like us at
Be sure to look for the Elstwhen tent at your favorite Fantasy, Pirate & Renaissance fairs.


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