What I’m into this week – waiting

Lately I haven’t been posting about my obsessions but that’s not because I’m not obsessed; it’s because right now I’m in a perpetual state of limbo.  A few weeks ago, the lovely children I have been a nanny for started their journey with school buildings and making friends with classmates. Since then I have been doing nothing but waiting… Waiting for job interviews, waiting to hear back, waiting for people to realize that a nanny who wants to do things by the rules isn’t a bad thing and waiting for money so I can buy things to work on my obsessions.

I am still every bit as into the idea of lighting a wig with soft circuits as I was when I first posted about it, but at this point, I have done my online research, and I have even read a book (thanks Santa!)… Now I need the stuff to play with to see what works and what doesn’t.  I need a wig, I need LED’s, I need batteries, I need resistors,  I need conductive thread, I need fiber optic cable, etc.  And for that, I need an  income steady enough to convince me that buying such things would not cause me to fail my husband at paying my part of the bills… Which leaves me waiting.


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I create beautiful dice and gaming related jewelry.
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