What I’m into this week – Turning into Lindsay Funke

So, for those of you who have the audacity to not get an obscure name drop of a character from a TV series several years ago that was only lucky enough to get a cult following who was outraged at it’s cancellation but not big enough to save it from the decisions of the big bad network executives, Lindsay Funke was a character on Arrested Development, a little known, but awesome dysfunctional family comedy drama from 2003.  In the show, the Bluth family has a business that is failing due to unethical and illegal practices perpetuated by George Sr., who is in jail for said practices, and a whole host self serving family members, most of whom end up living in the home of Michael Bluth, the one family member who somehow managed to eek out a sense of decency and moral obligation (but is not without his own flaws).  Lindsay is the fashion obsessed, self-centered, flaky sister of Micheal Bluth.  In almost every episode, she finds a way to wriggle some money out of someone, go buy a dress, and when she gets told to return the dress, she whines about her self esteem and often takes up a humanitarian cause (or goes to get her hair done) to console herself.

For a while now, I have been “into” fashion and clothing.  I started watching What not to Wear when the kids I used to nanny for were napping, and then I gradually started pushing myself outside my comfort zone when making fashion choices (in very small ways), and then I discovered Polyvore.  Since I am now unemployed, I have watched 2 or 3 seasons worth of what not to wear in about 2 months time, I have become a daily poster on Polyvore, I have been shopping on a regular basis and I dress to impress myself every morning, even though I generally have nowhere to go and nothing to do; I even am vaguely aware of some current fashion trends and have tried to apply them, In my own unique way.  Despite that I don’t have a huge cash flow, I bought 2 pairs of shorts, a vest, a dress and 3 pairs of shoes in the last week… at least it was all on sale. I even got up this morning, put on a skirt, tried to make the outfit fashionable, fixed my hair, put on makeup and painted my toenails, despite that I am probably going to be sitting in this chair all day. I am soooo Lindsay Funke now *sigh*.

But at least I look cute 😉

Fashionable "colorblocked" boho outfit for... staring at the wall and maybe going to the grocery store.

Fashionable "colorblocked" boho outfit for... staring at the wall and maybe going to the grocery store.

…and I could think of worse things than being able to compare myself to a character portrayed by Portia Di Rossi.
That’s the obsession for this “week”.  Let’s see what I get into next time.  You aren’t the only ones who will be surprised and dumbfounded… I always am 🙂


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