What I’m Into this Week – Out with the entrenched in with the… OLD?

As you may have read, I have quite the entrenched fashion obsession lately.  I always obsess about something, and the obsessions only amplify and multiply when I am not as busy as I think I should be.  Lately, I have been putting down the polyvore only for video games.  What amazingness could possibly be so intriguing that I would stop my incessant digital outfit creating?

Welll… you did note the title right?

The first new old obsession is Plants Vs. Zombies (the full version, not the online one).  Say what you will, but there is just something awesome about the concept of lock&load plants trying to keep zombies from walking into your house and eating your brains.  The idea is executed extremely well, too… At it’s heart, this is a real time tower defense game with every type of offensive and defensive flora  you could possibly imagine and then some.  However, that doesn’t mean the game is a cakewalk… The zombies… are zombies–They keep coming and don’t let up… And, they have their own arsenal of tricks because they really want to get into your house and eat your brains.  I’ve already beat this game once many eons ago, but, every few months, I keep coming back for more flora on not-quite-fauna action.

The second game isn’t quite as ancient, but many people finished it and put it on it’s resting place on the shelf many months ago… Gears of War 3.  I’ve been playing through with my husband because – LO AND BEHOLD – it has storyline co-op!  The thing is that, even though I do enjoy it quite a bit, I have spent most of my time whining that I am Dom or umm.. what’s-his-face or what’s-HIS-other-face.  I think it’s awesome that they created a rich storyline where two characters are always on screen and always fit right in.  The thing is FOUR characters are pretty much always on screen, and most of the time, at least one of them is a kick butt girl.  In every game I play, I prefer to have a rockin’ female character over the most rockin’ guy any day.  I would rather be “Sam” or Anya than Dom or even Cole Train just because I am, in fact, a kick butt girl, or would like to think of myself as such despite my nagging fashion, hair and make-up obsessions.

However, I shut up a little when I finally got cast as Jace.  He may not be of the female persuasion and may not have so much as a feminine fingernail clipping, but he’s foul mouthed, sarcastic and plucky in a way that none of the other grizzled battle vets that you play are.  Sure, they all curse like sailors and make lewd jokes and somehow keep going despite the odds, but, somehow, Jase appealed to my inner tomboy rather than inciting my inner feminist.  I thought that if I could kick butt and take names as Jace Stratton for the rest of the game, it would be enough to keep hubby from having to hear “why can’t I be Sam?” every five minutes of every 2 hour-ish play session… But I didn’t have my hopes up  because the game likes to change up what it has you do and, for one reason or another, cast members didn’t seem to stick around.  HOWEVER, my inner feminist was sated when the whole gang met up together and it stuck me in the body of anya! Wooohoo!  So for about 2 chapters, I got to play as a girl before finishing the game.

So now that we’re done with that, I’m thinking we’re going to play through left for dead or portal or space marine… yes, seriously… like I said “out with the entrenched… in with the old”… yes, again.
Check back for the further adventures of Hillary the happily behind the times video gamer 😉


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