What I’m into this week – Game of Lemons

As you may know, cooking, and especially baking, is a fairly constant obsession with me.  I don’t get to do it as often as I like, but when I have an excuse, I usually cook and bake enough for several armies.  This time of year, I have an excuse every week!  It comes in the form of a viewing party for a little show on HBO called “Game of Thrones”.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Game of Thrones is a show based on a series of novels called “A song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin.  The show is an awesome fantasy comprised of political  intrigue, deep characters, moral ambiguity and lots of violence.  I do want to note that if you haven’t heard of it before, you definitely want to do some research before you dive right in because a lot of the material could be very offensive to some people.

But anyways, this blog post isn’t about a show involving female swordfighters, regular death, unfaithful men and crazy women, it’s about the food for the “private viewing party” we hold for said show.  I have not read the books, but I am told that one of the characters has an unprecedented fondness for lemon cakes.  So last year, I set about finding the perfect lemon cake recipe.  This year, I have made the perfect lemon cakes again but have also made three other lemon recipes and have designs on others.  I even bought herbs to plant in my herb garden based on a lemon griddle cake recipe I have in my “Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook”.

Again I hear the echos, doesn’t she post recipes on her other blog?   Again I answer “yes I do”, but is 4 recipes in two weeks plus buying and herb specifically just because I have one recipe for it on any level normal or un-obsessed? not quite.  You may see some more detailed posts about lemon recipes over there,  but I wanted to share the depths of my insane obsession over here.

Here’s recipe #1 for “the perfect lemon cakes” (the Elizabethan ones), but keep in mind, mine get a fair bit of tweaking when I make them.  Recipe #2 for this season (yes, there were others last season) was sour cream lemon pie because I love sour cream lemon pie and because I had a whole bag  of lemons that first week, so I had to use them all, right?  Recipe #3 was lemon-mint shortbread cookies because I needed something quick and because I have a pot full of fresh mint in my backyard so why not use it? right? (no, gardening is NOT an obsession and darn you for suggesting it 😉 ). Recipe #4 was No bake lemon squares… which actually gave me a really good idea for how to make a less “bite-y” sour cream lemon pie… and I have half a bag of lemons left (I know, I totally slacked this week). Hmm… I… have… to…. go… um… No, Hubby, I swear I am not going to go bake a pie… seriously.
Tune in next week to see if I am lying or if I had my fingers chopped off for making yet another pie.


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