Sometimes Creativity just needs a little Kickstart

for those of you who are unaware, Kickstarter is a platform where people can pitch their cool indy projects that might otherwise never see the light of day due to lack of corporate backing or lack of enough change in the creator’s pocket and then fans can fund them directly.  Ever heard someone say “if everyone on my facebook page gave $1, we’d have enough money to…”  That’s exactly the principle kickstarter works on.  Someone has an awesome idea; they set up a pitch on kickstarter detailing what the project is, how much money they need, exactly what the money will be spent on, and what people will get out of it; People say “hey that’s cool” and pledge whatever amount they can afford… even if it’s just $1.
That’s the great thing about kickstarter… you can directly affect something cool being made even if you don’t have thousands of dollars in start-up capital to give to someone and someone can make a project without finding a single backer with thousands of dollars.  Not to mention, it gives you more of a connection with projects and the people who make them. And, there’s usually awesome rewards.  Usually if you invest in a company you might get stock options if you don’t lose your shirt.  In the case of kickstarter, people have incentive to want you to donate, so they give you cool things like copies of the things they make from the project or merchandise from the store they’re building or mentions in the video they’re making if you donate at certain levels.  The other great thing is that if a project isn’t fully funded, your money is never taken away from you.  Once you pledge your money, you even have a chance at the end to back out.  Kickstarter is an amazing, virtually risk free way to help independent companies, filmmakers, artists, engineers, game designers, musicians, etc. get awesome things made.  Better yet, for smaller projects, you often are one of the few people to get whatever awesome thing that was created because sometimes kickstarter is the only way these people ever release stuff.

I love kickstarter and wanted to share with you three projects that caught my eye that I think would certainly catch yours.

Clockwork Couture is an amazing steampunk clothing and accessories website that makes amazingly detailed and high quality items like corsetry, pocket watches and even accessories for your home.  They need a new store and they have all kinds of amazing ideas about what they want to do with the store like having a zeppelin lighting fixture and a full sized Tardis out front and they need your help to do it.  The deadline for funding is next Wednesday and they still need about $5000 so they really need your help fast!

DSS Circuits has a great open source circuit board project that they’re asking for help on!  You should all know about my love of circuitry by now and this guy is creating a board that you could place in your electronics (like an xbox) to see where it goes if it gets stolen.  A small board with GPS tracking capabilities an accelerometer and all kinds of other electronic bells and whistles (including a microcontroller… drool) has amazing possibilities, not just for tracking theft.  He is fully funded, but, creators who have their project over-funded sometimes use that opportunity to make their thing more awesome, and people will have a chance to back out so he may lose some of that money, AND the next 30 days may be your only chance to grab this amazing piece of technology as he does not state that he is planning on mass producing these or selling the designs to a large company.

Unique Dice Towers is using Kickstarter to create beautiful, compact and very portable dice towers.  Yes, I know there are millions of dice towers out there and  you can even make one with supplies you get at any craft mega mart for a handful of dollars.  The one from the craft mega mart… Isn’t nearly as attractive, sturdy, or skillfully made, and it supports the craft mega mart instead of a cool designer with a cool idea.  These are small enough to fit several on a table while playing a game, have a great “stained glass look” design and can fold up into a pretty little box when needed for storage.  Again, he is fully funded, but he doesn’t say anything about mass production so this may be your only chance to snag one of these amazing, gorgeous dice towers.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about these cool indie projects.  Look for a great interview tomorrow and more updates soon!


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I create beautiful dice and gaming related jewelry.
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