Interview with Thatiana of House of Telsa

Today I am featuring an interview with a talented hat, hairpiece, fabric and fiber artist, Thatiana of House of Telsa.  Thanks Thatiana for taking the time to talk to me!Purple Hat by House of Telsa

First, tell everyone a little bit about your history with arts and crafts. How did you first get started? Are there other art forms you have explored?

My love of the arts started at a very young age. My mom was a sample maker who worked closely with designers of women’s clothing and she’d sometimes take me to work with her during the summer breaks. I loved going to work with her. I was so in awe of everything she and the designers and pattern makers did and knew that someday I’d love to be able to make something for myself. Fast forward years later, after my first daughter was born I started making clothes for her and me to wear as well as the hats to coordinate. I loved what I was making, but it was mostly the satisfaction of having made something that I loved because, in all honestly, though they were cute, weren’t my best work. I took a hiatus from making clothing for some years and it wasn’t until after my youngest was born along with the discovery of a well known website where people sold both new and used items. There was an established community of children’s clothing designers there so I thought to myself, “hey, I could do that’. I opened up a shop on the site and started selling my designs there. I found it exhilarating! I was the designer, pattern maker, seamstress, photographer, photo shoot editor and marketing team. My little one was my model and when a design was finished, we’d head off looking for the perfect setting for a photo shoot. Most of my designs were vintage inspired and for the photo shoots I’d make the hair accessories. Sales were not great and listing fees on the site were going up so I started to look into other places to sell my designs. I came across Etsy and fell in love with it, so I decided to open a shop there. I hadn’t offered many designs through Etsy when a friend of mine was scheduling an event at her artsy hair salon to showcase local artists and asked me to be one of them. I didn’t sell anything at the event, but since I had all these pieces already made I decided to photo them and list in my Etsy store. Thankfully my designs got a good reception and they started selling. I was completely taken aback by the response and to this day am totally blown away that women from near and far have chosen my designs be it for every day wear or for something as special as their wedding day.

True Millinery often seems to be a lost art. Most of our hats come from factories. How did "Martini" Pink flower hairpiece by House of Telsayou discover and get into this fascinating form of creation?

Oh wow, well, I don’t consider myself a milliner. I haven’t had any formal training and I’m humbled by all the true milliners out there. All my techniques have either been passed on from my mom, who took a few millinery courses in high school in our country of El Salvador; learned from trial and error or from studying millinery techniques on my own. I do hope to take formal classes and expand my ability to make fascinators and head pieces. There are tons of ideas in my head that take flight with each technique I learn, so I know how important it is to grow in whatever art form you’re in.

How does creating hats and accessories vary from other forms of creation?

Other than the actual technique, I would say they’re all basically the same. From a simple inspiration to the construction and final product, it’s a process. Even the most simplest design, takes time to perfect.

The items that you create seem like a lot of precision and method went into them along with your creativity. Is that true?

Believe it or not, there is a method to my madness.

When someone creates items with such clean work that are based on styles and methods of days past, it makes me wonder if perhaps they are a little nerdy. Any nerdy tendencies or hobbies? If so, what are they. If not, what are your hobbies?Coaster by House of Telsa Maison

Nerdy is as nerdy does, so although I’m sure I am, I couldn’t tell you what nerdy tendencies I have. I’m quirky, for sure, but again, it’s more a state of being rather than anything you do in particular….I think? As for hobbies, I’m blessed to have my hobby be my career so I get to escape a little every day. Though time is limited, I do enjoy a good book…currently reading The Diary of Anne Frank… and learning new forms of art. I taught myself how to crochet a few months ago. I really enjoyed this winter season with the massive amount of scarves that I made for myself and my family…..we sure didn’t go cold this time around… and am taking knitting classes. Yarn is a fabulously fun medium.

What is your favorite work of art?

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci……there is such an eery calm in her eyes that intrigues me.

What is your favorite thing you have ever made?

I really don’t have a favorite. They’re all pieces of me and say something about how I was feeling at the moment they were designed/created.

House of Telsa is a very unique name. Where did it come from?Black and White Brooch by House of Telsa

Thank you for that! I wanted a name that was very personal to me so I combined the initials of my daughters names. T. E. is the eldest while L.S. is the youngest and the A is for our last name…..and House of Telsa was born.

Finally, Where can we find you and your art?

You can find both my shops on Etsy: and
My blog is and you can find me on facebook under house of telsa, too.

I’d like to thank each one of my beautiful customers for their continued support of my small business. Thanks to you, each day is a good day at the “office”.


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