What I’m into this week – Swimming in a sea of light

Due to my newly found employment (yay!) and selling a few pieces of jewelry in the flea market at a small regional gaming con (double yay!), I now have money to work on my costume wig!  Also, at the same con, I found a partner in crime who is going to do a costume from the same universe as mine. So, as if the money wouldn’t have been enough incentive to obsess, I now have a partner who I can’t possibly let down by doing something so mediocre as to get a generic wig and some random white LED’s… I have to get the exact right wig down to the color length and fiber type and I HAVE to get the LED’s PERFECT.  The wig isn’t so bad as there are a slew of options close to what I want. The lights… are another story. I now know more about luminous intensity, viewing angle and color temperature than I ever even knew existed. And of course, what I have decided I want is nigh impossible to find. So for now, I will be sitting in a desk chair with my head flooded with a sea of light and numbers…

… At least until next week.


About luckandluster

I create beautiful dice and gaming related jewelry.
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