Interview with Rebecca of Evergreen Burrow

Today I am featuring an interview with Rebecca of Evergreen Burrow, A fellow geeky artist who I had the pleasure of meeting at Kami-Con this year.

First tell everyone what you create.Evergreen No power in the verse Necklace (front)
I am a purveyor of geeky recycled art and jewelry- essentially things that make me happy.

The question that always comes to mind with such a unique idea is “how did the artist arrive at this?” If you would, tell us a little bit about how you started creating and the process that led to the items you create now.
I’ve always been ‘crafty’- My mother loves to tell the story of how I created “Babushka Barbie” out of some old fabric scraps and a cast-off Barbie doll. My most recent art inspirations have come from recycled things- bottlecaps, broken glass…you know. Anything that’s rusty or dangerous in some way and needs a home. My studio is like the “Home for the Broken-Arted”. There’s something almost magical about finding objects and turning them into something useful again. Making ugly or broken things into geeky wonderfulness is just really satisfying.

What are your favorite things to create with?Evergreen Supernatural Bracelet
Oh man, that’s a hard question. Chances are, if it exists, I’ve tried to turn it into something. My current obsession, however, is this magical substance called Diamond Glaze. It domes and glues and turns everything into glitter and rainbows and unicorns.*

A lot of your inspiration seems to come from things that many would consider “geeky” or “nerdy” such as steampunk and Dr who. What are you favorite nerdy hobbies/interests?
I am a hard-core nerd and damn proud of it! My favorite things to nerd out over are generally cancelled television shows or underground fandoms (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, JOSS WHEDON). I love love love the whole ‘steampunk’ concept because there’s such a wonderful DIVERSITY of approaches and there’s plenty of room for everyone to grow and put their stuff out there.

If you could recommend one “geeky” thing to those who don’t consider themselves geeky, what would it be?
Oh honey- I am the gateway to geekdom. I would start with something quick and short- like Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, or perhaps an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist.

If you could recommend one thing to other geeky artists out there, what would it be?Evergreen Burrow "Bertie" Cameo
Trust yourself. Actually, this goes out to all artists, geeky or not: TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. I, for one, struggle with this whole CAPITOL A ARTIST concept, because it doesn’t seem to fit what I do, and there’s a lot of self-doubt that goes along with claiming agency as an artist.
Don’t be afraid of it. Embrace it. You, too, are a CAPITOL A ARTIST. I promise.

And, Finally, Where can we find you and your art?
My art can be found at various anime conventions in the Southeast as well as here on the web at and under the evergreen burrow on Facebook!

*unicorns not included.


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