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As we get into the 2012 Holiday season and as the 2013 convention season sneaks closerLuck and Luster Display and closer, I began thinking about the questions I am often asked by the lovely people I meet through my art.  I decided to compile them all here in an FAQ.  If you have any other questions that I didn’t cover, please ask in comments and I will be glad to address those questions as well.

What is your process for creating jewelry?

It varies per type, but, for most of my geeky wearable art, it involves artistically and ll-d20-jacintocarefully wire wrapping a whole die (or figurine, or game piece) without the use of drilling, glues, epoxies, solder, etc.  For rings and most earrings, I cut the die in half with before starting this process.  Rings are the only jewelry I have where it is necessary to use adhesive.

Can I take the dice out of the jewelry and put it back in?

Unfortunately, there is no way to take the dice out of the pendant without ruining it.  I wholeheartedly understand the appeal of such a design and have been trying to come up with one.  Check back here and follow my facebook page  for updates and news of new designs.

Where do you get the dice and figurines you use?

I get dice and figurines from a variety of places including online retailers, conventions, wpid-IMG_20120117_203641.jpggaming stores, etc.  For licensed dice and figurines, I often have to purchase from collectors.

What Materials do you use to make your geeky wearable art?

-For all dice/figurine/gaming jewelry except hairpins and rings, I wrap the dice in tarnish resistant copper wire which is coated in a thin layer of sterling silver and then color (if applicable) and then enamel.  I use this wire because it is the best combination I’ve found of work-ability, durability and affordability.

-Chains used for most pendants are stainless steel because of it’s tarnish resistant and durable nature. For large dice and large figurines, I use leather cord with a copper wrap and a “base metal” clasp (clasps of specific metal types are difficult to find for an affordable price)

-For earring posts, I use surgical steel fish hook findings.  This metal is extremely durableIciit 1/2 d10 wire wrapped earrings - April 2012 and very hypoallergenic, even more so than sterling silver.

-Hairpins and Hairstick/bookmark forms are made of “base metal” which is a mixture of metals commonly used for jewelry supplies.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find these forms in a specific type of metal.

-The die on the end of a hairpin is wrapped in steel wire to provide the joint between the hairpin and the die with more structure.

-Rings are still somewhat in development, but the current design involves silver plated ring findings and a steel wire wrap. Steel holds up better to hand washing as well as the constant contact with skin, tables, and other surfaces that rings tend to go through.

-ornaments are made with dice/figurines/game pieces, glass or acryllic beads as noted in the description and string or yarn to hold the ornament on the tree.

I have tried a variety of materials and all materials are chosen with care and consideration ll-r-d8-timpluoufor what I feel will make the best product possible.

Is your jewelry hypoallergenic?

As noted above, earring hooks are surgical steel which is hypo-allergenic and the necklace chains are stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic.  All other metal components are not hypoallergenic. It is possible for me to create some hypo-allergenic pieces upon request.  If you have an allergy, please contact me via email at or by convo at, and I will be glad to work with you to create jewelry that meets your needs.

Can you make me a custom item?

Absolutely! As noted above, you can contact me via email at or by convo at  I have a variety of options for supplies available to me including colored wire, dice of different colors, figurines of many shapes and sizes, leather of different colors, and even dice of materials such as natural stone or bone.  I can even make a pendant from your own personal favorite die, figurine or game piece.

Can you make me something with my favorite symbol, meeples or pawns from a favorite game, a character from a favorite video game, etc.?

Probably. My ability to do this depends on the availability of what you want.  For licensed Nami One Piece Anime Pendantgames, characters, and symbols, I legally have to use licensed dice, meeples and figurines. I cannot use fan created dice/figurines/game pieces, nor can I create them myself.   Please contact me via email at or by convo at with your request and I will be glad to work with you.  I do not charge for research or estimates.

Can you do cosplay jewelry?

Absolutely! I have recently become a cosplayer myself and understand how difficult it can be to get the exact right thing.  I understand that cosplay can sometimes require unique solutions to a problem and coming up with more options than standard jewelry might.  I also, LOVE  a challenge and love creating things that will transform people into the characters they love.  Please contact me via email at or byc-coorojester1 convo at with your request and I will be glad to work with you.  I do not charge for research or estimates.

How do you arrive at your prices?

The prices of all items, both pre-made and custom, are determined by a formula that takes into account how much the materials cost and how much time it takes me to make the piece.

What is included in a purchase?

-For pendants, you receive the pendant, a hand-made dice bag that I purchase from other small business artisans and a steel chain or leather as applicable.  Steel chains are usually available in 18″ and 22″ inch lengths.  Leather is typically around 20″ but can be adjusted to your size upon request.

-For earrings, rings and ornaments, you receive the jewelry and the aforementioned 4 pendants on a dice baghandmade dice bags. Ear stoppers are available for earrings upon request at no additional cost to you.

-For Hairpins and Hairsticks/bookmarks, you will receive your piece plus a large organza bag.  Unfortunately, the handmade dice bags are too small for these pieces and larger ones would be cost prohibitive.

-Shipping, taxes, fees, etc. are all included in the price of your jewelry. The price you see on the etsy page or on the price tag at a convention is the price you pay.

Is there any sort of warranty or return policy on the jewelry you sell?

I take the utmost care to be sure that my products and all items that come with them are durable and beautiful. Items are covered for return, exchange or repair for 90 days. I wantRoheline Draakon Mahjong Bracelet you to feel the same joy wearing your jewelry as I do making it.  So, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your jewelry, you can contact me regarding an exchange, refund or repair.  Please contact me via email at or by convo at with your concern and I will get with you as soon as possible.  Since I only make the jewelry, this policy covers jewelry (pendants, chains, rings, bookmarks, etc.) only, not any packaging or promotional items (such as dice bags) that may come with it.  However, if you do have any concerns about packaging, dice bags, etc., I would ask that you let me know so that these issues can be addressed.


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I create beautiful dice and gaming related jewelry.
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