What I’ve been up to during the slience

MY apologies for the delay in posting. It’s been very busy in my neck of the woods. Since the last update, I have sold my wares at two very different and awesome cons, been watching lots of game of thrones, attended some board gaming conventions and have been into innumerable things—at least enough to keep us filled up on “what i’m into this week” for like a year or something.  For my conventions this year, I went to kamicon, an anime

My lust costume.

My lust costume.

convention the tuscaloosa/birmingham, AL area and Connooga, a big sci-fi/fandom convention held in Chattanooga, TN, one of my favorite cities to visit.  Kamicon was full of

talking and cosplay and general busy fun. I got lots of hugs and pictures because this year’s cosplay is Lust from fullmetal alchemist, a well known anime character.

At Connooga, I led two panels, which were surprisingly well received and had an absolute blast.  You can check out photos of what the students did here.  I had so much fun doing those panels, that I led a resistor jewelry class at a friends house a few weeks ago.  If you would like me to teach you and your friends how to make awesome geeky jewelry, contact me on facebook or email me at luckandlusterhillary@gmail.com.

A very wrong electronics sketch for the flora

A very wrong electronics sketch for the flora

Since then, I have been into baking lemon flavored things for our game of thrones viewing parties, and a new hobby/project about every week.  In fact, I have enlisted the help of like real hobbyists and electrical engineers to help me understand what the heck I’m doing and have even discovered some new people I can drive insane with my questions… WE HAVE A MAKER’S GROUP IN BIRMINGHAM!

Oh, and there was that whole dance recital thing (I teach tap), and that silly convention called Play On Con that I might help with on occasion. for those of you who know me, yes, your interpretation of “might help with on occasion” is correct.  For those of you who don’t know me so well, this means that I run a room at the con and do so maniacally such that the organization of such takes up larger and larger chunks of my time every year because I obsess that everything must be absolutely perfect… and, if that weren’t enough, I’m running a steampunk rings panel and a gaming event/tournament this year as well.

So that catches us up to today!  Look for interviews and other awesome posts very soon!



About luckandluster

I create beautiful dice and gaming related jewelry.
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