Castles, Deviants and Wild Animals

It’s been a busy few months with attending conventions, creating new pieces, making new friends and buying shiny shiny dice.  Here are the highlights from the last few months.

  • First of all, I wanted to update everyone on the annual charity drive.  This year, from Spirit d20 Christmas ornamentright now until December 31st, 20% of all sales will go to help Castles & Chemo.  “Castles & Chemo, Inc., is dedicated to raise money for cancer research and support in an effort to make cancer a relic of the past through the use of tabletop role playing games, both by publishing game supplements and organizing & running fundraising events, both in the United States and abroad.”  In addition, I wanted to let everyone know that they are holding a drive for RPG books and board games to be donated to Smilow hospital.  The link contains all of the details you could ever possibly want to know about this.
  • In other holiday news, as usual both of my shops are having a sale until December 31st.  Just use the code CASTLES2013 when you place your order at either luckandluster or hippybeads (or both) and you will receive 30% off!!!  This includes everything in the shop as well as custom orders.





  • What I’m into this week: Wild Animals.  This week was my anniversary and my husband and I took a trip to Pensacola. As is tradition when we visit Pensacola, we went to the Gulf Breeze Zoo .  We saw all kinds of amazing exotic animals like goats and rabbits and sheep…

Okay, we did see those animals, but we also saw actual exotic wild animals like emus andGulf breeze Zoo Giraffe picture giraffes and white rhinos and Thompson’s gazelles.  Highlights of the day were the budgie house where you could go in and walk through while birds flew over your head (and even feed them if you wanted), watching a young lion “play” through the fence with a little girl (they chased each other up and down the fence), figuring out that many of the animals knew who to look for for food, and a zookeeper talk on the otters during which the female otter very obviously was showing off her swimming skills.  It was an awesome time and I look forward to visiting that amazing zoo again next time!

Those are the updates for now! Check back on Friday for an interview with another amazing geeky artist. Trust me, her work is like none you’ve ever seen before and you will love it!


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I create beautiful dice and gaming related jewelry.
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